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My first impression, I fell in love with the color of the iron because it was pink,the cord was long and flexible and not stiff like an iron cable HAHA. At first I did not think this product would be able to conquer my friend's lion hair, but it turned out it could work. Why does it have to be my friend? Because Alhamdulillah already straight. I am really proud that I can make my friend's hair beautiful, beautiful & proportional. It is already the most correct if looking for the plate, it must be tourmaline because it will produce more negative ions, which is good for hair! Negative ions will make hair shiny, smooth & not 'frizzy'. Oh yeah, in addition to straightening hair, it turns out he's 2 in 1 can be used for curly hair. I already tried it on my straight hair, the results are really good.

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