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The Flat Iron from LivChic

It has been almost a year I had use this straightener and hardly got any issue, this is an amazing product for all hair types.
I have personally used so many brands in the past, when I was back in Indonesia but honestly LivChic was the best one for my long hair.
It left my hair silky smooth. I have very thick hair that is naturally curly and it takes a lot to make me like a straightener. I was very happy with the results. It made my hair look great and I also loved that I can use the straightener to flip the ends and give my hair a little bit of body (instead of pin straight). It helps because if this is the style I'm going for I don't have to pull out a big barrel curling iron too; all I need is this straightener
Pros -
1. Effective and consistent results for all hair types
2. Easy to use
3. Performance is good and longer activity.
4. Rapidly reaches to maximum temperature 230 degrees.

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